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Work From Home Business Opportunity

Earn Extra Income Become a Distributor For Passion (Aphrodisiac) Coffee

Sell to friends or neighbors.

Earn and Extra $30 or more for every 10 packet box you sell, Sell 5 boxes and earn $150 Sell 10 boxes a Month, you earn and minimum $300 a Month.

You can also sell separate satchels to friends from $9.50 to $12.00 each ... You set your own price.

This is a great product to sell and build a business around. The highest volume of customers is likely to be men over 50 years of age. Get 10 regular customers and you can sell them a 10 packets or 1 box every month. Build more customers and you can build a great business. This opportunity is a good easy to operate part time home business.

The more regular customers you build in your neighborhood the more regular Monthly income you will earn. You may even build to become major distributor an qualify to buy at a better price.

Once ordered via our How To Order page; The product will be shipped to you via mail for small orders or via courier for large orders.

Delivery time may vary dependent on where in Australia shipment is going, in most cases the delivery should arrive 3 - 6 days from the day you order.



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