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Why Am I Selling Passion Coffee?


I am in my mid sixties and know many older married men. When men get to this age group and older, nature is not always kind. More than 50% of men in this age group have erection problems at bed time. To get a treatment, men have to see their doctor, after which, with prescription in hand, they then have to visit a chemist; they often have to pay high fees for products such as Viagra or Callis.

For still active older men coffee containing healthy natural ingredients is a cheaper and more healthy option. Also it is often more convenient to purchasing Passion Coffee from friends or local distributors and can often save embarrassment associated with purchasing at a Chemist where many staff are female.

If you know many older men, visit the heading Business Opportunity.



Eastern Standard Time (Aust)

Work From Home Business Opportunity

See Earn Extra Income on the side bar and become a Distributor For Passion (Aphrodisiac) Coffee  This is a great product to sell and build a business around. The highest volume of customers is likely to be men over 50 years of age. Get 10 regular customers and you can sell them a 10 packets or 1 box every month. Build more customers and you can build a great business. This opportunity is a good easy to operate part time home business.




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